8 Benefits of SEO

8 Benefits of SEO

It is important that business that have a website, to invest in Search Engine Optimization. SEO according to Yoast, is basically the practice of optimizing your web pages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines. So, in order to get more traffic to your website, then SEO is a must. There are tons of benefits of SEO but in this article we will look at 8 benefits of SEO.

1. SEO Keeps Your Customers Informed

Everyday, millions of customers use search engines to do researches to find particle products or services that they are interested in. Based on these findings, it allows them to make a decision according to the options that are available to them. If your website has a high SEO ranking, then more than likely it will educate your customers. This is where trust can be built and it will give your customers a better understanding of making a decision.

2. SEO Will Help Gain Market Share

If your business can be seen on top of the search engine results, increases the chance of you being found by users that are searching for your product or service. These customers can become leads and eventually turn into your customers. The more you show up in search engines, the more exposure you’ll get.

3. SEO Increases Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product or service. SEO will help customers become aware of your brand. It also helps to ensure that your product or service is easily found by search engines through regular or organic search.

4. SEO Increases Your Social Media Followers

SEO will help you to gain more social media followers. When customers consistently visit your website, it’s more than likely that they will click your social media icons or share your blog posts. This is a great way to generate more and more users through your social media channels. There is no doubt that brand awareness will go a far way by using these channels.

5. SEO Improves Your Website Speed

It is true that the speed of your website can actually affect your ranking on search engines. While this may sound unrealistic to most people, the speed of your website negatively affects the user’s experience. SEO will help to improve the overall performance of your site. To avoid Google from penalizing your website, pay close attention to the speed and provide a better user experience.

6. SEO Is Mobile Friendly

If you haven’t realized it yet, Google clearly favors mobile search. This is important since there is a increase in mobile users over the past couple of years. While Google may display the desktop URLs for the desktop searches and the mobile URLs for the mobile searches, what really determines your ranking is the mobile search. It is highly recommended that your website be mobile friendly, so that search engines can favor your website.

7. SEO Increases The Value of Your Business

Though there are other ways to promote your business online, SEO is the most powerful tool to get the job done. SEO will help your brand to gain higher visibility and a lot more exposure when done correctly. By creating and publishing content that is relevant to your niche, you stand a better chance reaching your target audience through search engines.

8. SEO Yields Long-Term Results

Among many other benefits, SEO is the fact that it is a long term strategy. It can take up to 6-12 months to actually see some good results in your rankings. However, once you are up in ranking, it takes a while to move down as well. This can only change based on competition or mistakes on your part that would cause your customers to lose interest.

Final thoughts

SEO is essential to any part of marketing strategy. Beyond that, SEO helps to improve your brand and gives you a push to move ahead of your competitors. These are just a few of the many benefits of SEO. I hope after reading this article you have a better appreciation for SEO. You can also check out our post on 10 Ways to Improve your SEO Rankings.

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