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5 Reasons WordPress Is the Best Platform to Build Your Site

5 reasons wordpress is the-best platform to build your site

5 reasons WordPress is the best platform to build your site. You need a website no matter what type of business you have, especially in this competitive day and age. This will help to increase your online presence and allow you to engage with your customers a lot easier. What is even more amazing, is that you can build any kind of website with WordPress, which is an open source Content Management System (CMS). If you are tired of the platform that you’re current website is on, or planning to source a Web Design Company to build a new website for you, then we recommend WordPress as the platform to use.


1. Wide User Base

According to Kinsta, WordPress powers 34% of all websites on the internet. It is the most popular content management system that allows anyone to build a website and you can easily create and manage your content. One thing we need to make clear though, is that we are referring to wordpress.org and not wordpress.com. The difference between the two is that, with wordpress.org you are able to download and install it on a live server or on your local machine. Also, you are able to host your own blog or website with wordpress.org. However, wordpress.com is primarily a hosting service which allows you to create personal websites.

Since WordPress allows you to host your own website, you have complete control over everything. You have access to a large amount of free themes that can get you started without a single coding knowledge. As well as, you have the option of creating your own themes for those designers who are code savvy.

2. Open Source

WordPress is open source and because of this anyone can change, redistribute or use the source code. With this flexibility, the model allows you not only to change, use and redistribute, but it also can be improved by testing and debugging.

3. WordPress is Free

Yes WordPress is a free platform that is available to everyone to use. Think about the fact that you won’t have to pay one red cent to install the software. You are able to use it multiple times with the freedom to modify your website has often as you wish. WordPress uses plugins that extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site. Most of these plugins are free to download and use. However, some plugins require you to pay a small amount in order to create a even more powerful website.


4. SEO Friendly

Part of what makes WordPress so powerful is that it’s a SEO friendly content management tool. It is important that every website use SEO to help increase their online presence. SEO or Search Engine optimization is a practice that is used to increase the quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. This entails having the right keywords that will allow visitors that are searching for a particular product or service, to be able to find you. Another reason why WordPress is SEO friendly, is due to the fact that it allows search engine robots to crawl and index your website.

You can increase your website performance and get more traffic by using a free plugin called Yoast SEO.

5. Responsive

What would a website be if it’s not responsive? With the steady rise in mobile users, not having a responsive website can affect your website’s performance, traffic and conversion rate.

As a result, using WordPress will eliminate the worry of having a responsive website. Because majority of WordPress themes are already built to be responsive or mobile friendly, this a major advantage to help boost your SEO strategy.


Final Thoughts

Here we looked at 5 reasons WordPress is the best platform to build your site. It is no doubt that WordPress is really easy to use and is the best content management system out there. What makes this platform even more powerful, is the fact that no coding skills is required. With little or no coding skills, you are able to build professional websites using WordPress without hiring a web developer to do it for you. We hope after reading this post, it will give you more reasons to use WordPress to build your website or blog.

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